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For Investors

Our mission is to make investing in local small businesses accessible to everyone. On our platform, you can find curated investment opportunities from within your city. With Alvear, you now have the ability to invest in the small businesses that make your community unique. 

Securities marketed on our platform are regulated through Alvear's FINRA* licensed portal. Think of it as a streamlined "IPO" coming from Main Street rather than Wall Street. 

Alvear's platform empowers everyday investors to commit as little as a few hundred dollars in exchange for a share of a business's revenue. As the business grows, the group of investors are periodically paid back a percentage of revenue.

*FINRA or the SEC do not review or certify the investment opportunities in any way, they only regulate the platform itself.


For Business Owners

As a business owner, you can apply for Debt, Equity, or Revenue-Share financing through Alvear Ventures. 

Alvear's model allows a local group of investors to purchase securities in your small business. This helps you leverage your community and turn investors into overnight brand-ambassadors. Investors from anywhere may participate, but local "community capital" is where we build our foundation.

The Alvear platform provides you with capital while allowing you to maintain full control of your business. The terms of your offering on the platform are customizable.

Whether you need $50,000 for a new food truck, or $50,000,000 for a new manufacturing facility, Alvear will help you connect with investors to reach your goals.


How it works

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