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Build your portfolio,
Invest in your community

Alvear is the platform for growing your vision.
Access capital, services, and advisors under one roof.

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Investment minimum


Offering fundraising minimum


Annual fundraising maximum


Invest in Success Stories of Tomorrow

Empowering investors while optimizing growth, Alvear bridges the gap between wealth creation and opportunity.



How to invest on Alvear

Explore Alvear's offerings

Step one

Conduct due diligence

Step two

Close on your Investment

Step three

Investor steps

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You can cancel your investment commitment at any time up to 48 hours before the offering deadline, for any reason. You should view all of the investment opportunities on our website as risky. You should consider investing only if you can afford to lose your entire investment. Neither the Securities and Exchange Commission nor any state agency has reviewed the investment opportunities listed on the Site. These types of investments are highly speculative, illiquid, and subject to risk of loss of the entire amount invested.

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